Soil Yard Products

We produce quality blended soils for the wholesale market. Please note there are natural variations in colour and sizing of products.

Monk Quarry products soils include a quality organic blend useful for topping up garden bed areas, growing herbs & vegetables and rejuvenating garden area. Our sandy loam is a quality screened soil perfect for establishing new lawns, it is a great budget alternative to other soils.

Monk soil product organic blend


Organic Blend

This ready-to-use soil is ideal for bulk planting of shrubs and trees, and creating larger gardens, including vegetable and flower beds. Suitable for incorporating into heavy soils where improved drainage and are porosity are required.

The added organic matter in blended soils encourages beneficial micro-organisms and worm activity. The blend nominally comprises 75% local soils and sands and 25% organic matter comprising sawdust and screened compost. This soil may not be suitable for some native plants.

Monk soil product sandy loam


Sandy Loam

A blend of local soils and sand best suited as a basic growing medium and ideal for ground levelling, you can use it as a base for your gardens or ideal for placing underneath your turf.

This is a recycled soil so the consistency may vary over time as stockpiles change.

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