Fill Disposal

We are now accepting fill material at our Langwarrin site subject to our acceptance procedures.

Fill material has contaminant concentrations below levels given in Table 3 of Waste Disposal Categories – Characteristics and Thresholds (EPA publication 1828).

To verify, you must test for all contaminants you know and reasonably expect to be in the soil. You might also need to test for contaminants not listed in Table 3.

If you find other contaminants in the soil, it may not be considered fill material and we will not be able to accept it.

We are open for receival of fill material Monday to Friday from 6:45am until 3:45pm.

Minimum charge is 4m3

Use the link or use the QR code to access the declaration form.

Fill Declaration

A Fill Declaration Form must be completed before material can be accepted. This form collects data about the site the fill is generated from and your contact details. Once submitted, the form will be valid for three months from the date of approval for the specific job to which the form relates.

Use the link or use the QR code to access and complete the declaration form on your mobile phone or computer.

Once the form is submitted and you have received acknowledgement, you will be provided with a reference number which applies to the specific project or site address. If you start a new job then a new Declaration Form will be required. If you’re not sure, just give us a call and we’ll help you out.

Top Soil Disposal

If you are looking for approved disposal options for excess clean topsoil or sand from your project, then we can help.
If you have clean soil with minimal organic material or contamination then, subject to meeting our acceptance criteria, we may be able to receive it at our Langwarrin site.

If you are not sure, drop us in a sample, or for larger jobs (over 100 cubic metres), give us a call on 0418 146 470 to arrange an inspection at your site. To enable us to comply with EPA requirements, you are now required to submit our Soil Declaration Form (as above) and receive acknowledgment of approval prior to dropping off material.

We are open for receival of clean soil Monday to Friday from 6:45am until 3:45pm.

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